Heavy Duty 4 Inch Covers $299!
Great for Moderate Climates 

The 4 to 2" Heavy Duty spa cover is a perfect solution for the spa owner on a budget. The Heavy Duty cover model is also known as the OEM replacement spa cover. Our Heavy Duty model features a 1.5 Density Core (beware of 1.0 Lb and recycled foam which will break easily), an insulation rating exceeding R-15, a 20 gauge galvanized steel c-channel in each half for added strength and a 6 mil vapor seal resistant to chlorine and bromine. 

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Heavy Duty Hot Tub Covers
Load Rating = GOOD

Heavy Duty Foam Core 4" Sloaped.

Solis Spa Covers Stay Lightweight & Save Energy! Operate Your Hot Tub for Less with Solis Technology!

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Heavy Duty 4 to 2 Cover Model $309 Details.

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Heavy Duty Cover $299 Free Shipping - Buy Now!

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Heavy Duty Cover $299 Free Shipping - Buy Now!

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  • 2 lb. Density Foam Core Upgrade +$40 (increases insulation w/o the extra bulk of a thicker cover)

  • Double Vapor Barrier +$25 (warranties the foam core against saturation for 5 years) Double the Protection with our Clear Guard System!  

  • Full Length Hinge Seal +$25, Adds Continuous Insulation Down the Hinge Area of the Spa Cover (up to $600 in Energy Savings per Year!)

  • Split Flap +$20.

  • Overlapping Flap at Hinge +$15 - Enhances Heat Retention!

  • Expedited Processing +$75 Orders ship in 48 hours Monday thru Friday and deliver in 2 to 7 days.



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