Top 10 Spa Cover Questions

1. What kind of insulation do you use in your spa covers | hot tub covers?Energy Efficient Hot Tub Covers and Spa Covers

We use ONLY closed cell virgin EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam core for our spa cover | hot tub cover insulation. We do not use recycled foam or construction grade insulation because it tends to gap and is less reliable. We use 1.5 lb as our standard insulation density and also offer 2 lb insulation (additional charge for 2lb, 4 to 2", 5 to 3" and 6 to 4" tapers) EPS foam insulation in our covers. The pound rating refers to the insulation's weight per cubic foot. A higher weight rating (density) means increased top strength and a reduced capacity to absorb moisture.


2. What kind of vinyl do you use on your spa covers | hot tub covers?

We use 30 oz. (per lineal yard) Marine Grade Vinyl. Developed for the high wear demands of the boating and awning industries, this is the thickest vinyl used on any spa cover | hot tub cover and it exceeds all specified requirements for "Marine Grade" and "Premium Grade" vinyl. It features mildew inhibitors, UV stabilized coloring (to help prevent fading) and it is resistant to chlorine and bromine. The backing fabric is reinforced 100% polyester mesh that will not rot, is mildew resistant and adds strength. The vinyl encasement is stitched using the highest quality #93 UV and moisture resistant bonded Dacron Polyester thread.Green Super Heavy Duty Spa Cover

Specs for our 30 oz Marine Grade Vinyl: UV Rating & Weather Resistance: 1500+ hours

  • Stabilized Pigment Rating: 500 hours
  • Weight: 30 oz per linear yard
  • Thickness: .038"
  • Cold Crack Rating: -20°


3. What is the R-Value of your spa covers | hot tub covers?

Unlike other industries (like home building), R-Value calculations for spa covers and hot tub covers are not regulated by the Federal Government and there is no standardized test to calculate the R-value of a spa cover or hot tub cover. Following is our best estimate of our covers R-Value based on the known R-value of the virgin foam insulation plus a small increment for the vinyl encasement. We believe they are as accurate as we can make them and, unlike other claims we've seen, these estimates do not exploit an unregulated marketplace. Our standard 1.5lb density covers R-Value Exceeds 15.


4. In the past, I've had trouble with moisture absorption into the core insulation turning my expensive spa cover into a giant, 100 pound soggy sponge. How does your cover offer me protection from moisture absorption?

Most spa covers | hot tub covers must function in a very hostile environment. This includes rain and snow, searing summer heat and UV coming down from above and hot steam, chemical fumes and ozone constantly bombarding the cover bottom from below. Spa covers and hot tub covers take a serious beating and over time, they begin to absorb moisture. The question is, what can we Premium_Vapor_Barrier.jpgdo to slow this down? Our first line of defense is our extra thick 30 oz vinyl encasement combined with a double laminated, reinforced bottom fabric (called a "scrim"). Inside, we use 6 mil single-extruded, virgin bead polyethylene vapor barrier (The Clear Guard System) to wrap the insulation which is manufactured specifically for the spa industry. Our vapor barrier can withstand the heat and chemicals spa produce. Our Clear Guard System is expertly heat sealed (rather than taped). The Clear Guard System 6 mil barrier is the thickest in the industry.


How much do your spa covers and hot tub covers weigh?
Average size spa cover:
1.5 lb foam insulation and 4"-2" taper = 39 lbs
Average size spa cover:
2 lb foam insulation with 4"-2" taper = 45 lbs


5. How strong is your cover hinge?

The hinge is one of the most important yet most overlooked parts of a spa cover | hot tub cover. The hinge must withstand thousands of folds and it must be strong enough to handle the stress of a cover lift. Our hinges use four layers (4 ply) of 30 oz reinforced marine grade vinyl double-stitched into the top. You won't find a stronger standard hinge anywhere.


6. What about safety?

Our spa covers | hot tub covers comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing Standards) requirements that are intended to protect children 5 years of age or younger (the standards have the added advantage of helping to protect pets). Standards include specific performance tests and labeling requirements. Spa covers and hot tub covers must be able to pass tests such as perimeter deflection tests for entry or entrapment between the cover and the side of the spa, and surface drainage tests to see if a dangerous amount of rain could collect on the covers surface. There are also requirements to include labeling in consumer information and on the cover itself. Labeling must contain the proper warnings (as described by the Standard) and identify the product as a safety cover.


7. Do the safety straps come with both parts?

Yes, our lockable extra strong double reinforced straps come with both parts and three stainless steel screws. Additionally, they are sewn into the cover in four places to make them much more wind resistant.


8. How will my spa cover be shipped?
We ship our spa covers via "common carrier" because they are too big and bulky for UPS or any other parcel carrier. This means that our shipper arranges for your cover to be sent via a reliable freight company to a shipping terminal near you. It is then transferred to a local delivery agent for delivery to your home.


9. What about Customer Service?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we stick with you all the way from your order to the receipt of your cover and beyond. If you call during off hours or during an extremely busy time and get our voice mail system, we'll call you back within one business day or less. If you e-mail us, we'll get back to you even faster. But our commitment to customer service only begins when we take your order. First, we check your order for any obvious problems and if we have any doubt about what you want, we'll contact you before we go into production. Once your spa cover has been made and goes through quality control checks, we help you monitor your cover delivery and we send you a number of communications along the way:


1. Immediately after you place your order, you get a copy of your order via e-mail.

2. A few days after your order, you get an e-mail with the projected ship date.

3. When the order ships, you get an e-mail from the shipping company with a tracking number.

4. When the order reaches your local terminal, you will get a phone call from the local carrier to arrange for a delivery time to your address.

Additionally, your spa cover shipment is fully insured against damage and if you should experience a problem of any kind, we are available to serve you.


10. What are your sales policies and procedures?

Policies and procedures:

1. We will work with you in every way we can to make sure you get the right spa cover | hot tub cover but in the end, you are responsible for your measurements. Please review your order confirmation carefully for errors. You may make changes to your order within two business days. Because covers are made-to-order, all sales are final and we cannot make changes to your order after it is in production.

2. There are literally thousands of possible shape, size and color combinations for replacement spa covers. Therefore, All spa covers | hot tub covers are custom made and they cannot be returned for re-sale. Once we start making your cover, we are fully invested in it. Therefore, in keeping with standard industry practice, your credit card is charged when you place your order and once your cover is in production, your order cannot be canceled.

3. We are proud to say our return rate is less than 1% Replacement of damaged or defective covers not reported within 48 hours, or covers sent in for warranty repairs after the first 30 days will require payment for all shipping charges.


Thank you for your interest in our products!

Solis Manufacturing, Inc.