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The Spa Cover Shop

When you buy a spa cover you want to know that it's going to last. At The Spa Cover Shop we pride ourselves on our spa covers and all are custom built with the best quality materials and construction methods of any spa cover in America.

It really bugs us that many Spa manufacturers produce a great spa but then spoil it by saving 10 or 20 dollars and putting an inferior cover on it, one that will only last a year or two.  Most Spa manufacturers don't care what your cover is like, they just want to sell you a spa.  They have to supply a cover in your spa package so that the spa will heat up, so many will sell you the cheapest one they can get.  

When you are replacing a worn out cover, come to The Spa Cover Shop, we warrant all our covers for Five years and we are regularly seeing covers of ours coming back for replacement that are over 10 years old and still looking good!


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Solis Spa Covers Stay Lightweight & Save Energy!  Operate Your Hot Tub for Less with Solis Technology!

Spa Cover & Hot Tub Cover Premium Color Choices New for 2013

Three Spa Cover Models to Suit your Specific Needs:
*Pricing is for Hot Tub Spa Covers 8ft (96") and less, FREE DELIVERY*

Heavy Duty Covers $299 Free Delivery!

A great economical solution!


 *Pricing is for Covers 96" and Less.

Spa Covers | Hot Tub Covers Warranty
On Sale! Premium 6 to 4 Thick Covers $399 Free Delivery!

BEST insulating spa cover on the market!
   6 to 4 Taper Cover Core
*Pricing is for Covers 96" and Less.

Get the upgraded
Full Length Hinge Seal FREE!
When you purchase the 6 to 4" cover model.

*Solis Spa Covers is the ONLY manufacturer in the

industry that offers optional DOUBLE REINFORCEMENTS!

Super Heavy Duty 5 to 3 Thick Covers $349 Free Delivery!

Great Energy Saver!
5 to 3 Taper Cover Core 

 *Pricing is for Covers 96" and Less. 

Spa Covers & Hot Tub Covers Insulation Levels

You may also add the following options to the above hot tub cover models:
+ Upgraded Double Vapor Barrier- $25.00, Double the Protection Against Core Saturation with our Clear Guard System.
+ 2 Lb Density Core Upgrade- ( 4 to 2" + $40),  (5 to 3" + $50), (6 to 4" + $60) adds insulation, strength and longevity to your spa cover!
+ Full-Length Steam Stopper/Hinge Seal- $25.00. Eliminates Heat Loss Through Hinge!  click here for more info 
+ Overlapping Flap at Hinge- $15.00. Increases Heat retention! click here for more info
+ Double Reinfocements - $20.00 2 - 20 Guage Galvanized Steel in each cover half (supports up to 250 Lbs! - available on the 6 to 4" model only) 
+ Special Cut-Outs or Hoods-  For speakers, handrails, control panels or headrests. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING (866)460-4537.
+ Spa Cover Lift System - Cover Rock-It $129.00
+ Spa Cover Lift System - Cover RX $139.00
+ Spa Cover Lift System - Cover Caddy $169.00
+ Expedited Processing - Cover Ships within 48 Hours $75 (Excludes Weekends & Holidays, delivers in 2 to 7 days) 

Please call us direct for covers 97" and over (866)460-4537 or (813)433-1954.

*Standard Skirt/Flap is 0 to 6" inches any other length is an additional $10.00. 

     *Cut-outs and hoods for waterfalls, controls or handrails call for pricing.

Spa Cover & Hot Tub Cover Octagon Shape

Spa Cover & Hot Tub Cover Sqaure with Rounded Corners
Spa Covers & Hot Tub Covers Round Shape.
Spa Covers & Hot Tub Covers Square or Rectangle
Hot Tub Covers & Spa Covers Square or Rectangle Four Cut Corners
Hot Tub Cover & Spa Cover Square Two Cut Corners
Hot Tub Covers & Spa Covers Square or Rectangle Shape
Spa Covers & Hot Tub Covers Ellipse Shape

If you don't see your tub style give us a call at (866)460-4537.How to Measure for Your Spa Cover


NOTE:  Measure all spa's through center of tub, (North to South & East to West) from outside edge of fiberglass to outside edge of fiberglass.  If you own Tub "B" we will need a radius measurement, please view our  "Radius Corner" chart for assistance. We also may be able to look the radius up if your tub "make , model & year" is known. We can also look up most spa models and verify your recommended cover dimensions.


Please call us if you need help (866) 460-4537 or (813)433-1954.


1. Determine the letter that matches the shape of your spa or hot tub.

2. Note how you must measure the tub. We recommend measuring the fiberglass portion of your spa, through the center N to S and E to W.

3. Insure that fold direction Is correct. Dotted line or measurement #2 represents the standard fold. The #2 measurement WILL be broken for the fold.
4. If you know the tub make and model we can look up the manufacturers recommended cover size.

Measurements in inches only please.
Tub Letter "G" 

        #1= 89" 
        #2= 96"  

We make covers for spas with raised speakers!
Dynasty Spas, Catalina Spas, Cal Spa, LA Spa Covers, Haven Spa Covers and many more brands!

Spa Covers & Hot Tub Covers for Tubs w/ Raised Speakers.
Replacment Covers for Spas with Speakers

 We specialize in "oversize" spa covers.

 Swim spas or custom spas, we can cover it! 

Please call us direct for a quote (866)460-4537

 Oversized Swim Spa Covers

Oversized Swim Spa Covers


Please call us direct (866)460-4537 for shipping quotes!